Henry Sane, Editor-in-Chief

Henry is a writer and editor currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. An addict of fiction (magic realism in particular), and a flouter of societal norms, he took a big chance and earned a degree in English, concentrating in literature. With his fancy new scroll in hand, some decent editing skills, and dozens of short stories to his credit, he then thought to himself, “What next?” After a hundred half-hearted notions and one too many bleak, aimless prospects, the right idea finally came along, waddling into his brain like a kaleidoscopic crocodile. What started, absurdly enough, as Bog Muffins & Coffee, soon matured into something far more tangible, more down-to-earth, and Swamp Biscuits & Tea was born.


Joseph German, Fiction Editor

Joseph currently sleeps, bathes, and eats in a location. After a time, he was awarded a degree in Mass Media Arts from the University of Georgia, an institution in which everyone else has thus far been rejected. He collaborates with his friend Block of Vermont Cheddar Cheese, who shares the same dream of writing for the motion picture industry. She trusts him with all of the work, mostly because she lacks the necessary appendages. Reading provides him with the same joy he receives from believing Mark Twain and Albert Einstein to have been the same otherworldly, but brilliant, creature. Finally, he knows nothing about boxes, so thinking outside of them is his only option.


Tasica Singleton, In-House Artist

Tasica is a Colorado native and Charleston, South Carolina resident with an education from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, which recognized her admissions portfolio with the Frances Larkin McCommon scholarship—the largest scholarship given by SCAD, honoring outstanding artistic skill. She went on to receive her B.F.A. in Illustration after cultivating her personal style under the tutelage of accomplished professors and industry icons. From multiple commissioned artworks to her very own collection of elegant dinnerware created shortly after her college graduation, her artistic approach is versatile, varying from exquisite realism to spastic impressionism, each work showcasing a personal flair and an abundance of detail. Tasica looks forward to a career where her imagination will inspire and enlighten those who view her art.