We are interested only in original fiction. So please—no poetry, no artwork, no audio, no video. Just fiction. Send to subs AT swampbiscuitsandtea DOT com.

Before Submitting

Please check out our Mission Statement to get a feel for our style.


We prefer stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words. But really, there are no limits. If the work is more than 10,000 words, please just send us the first 10,000 and we’ll let you know if we want to read more (but please mention how long the entire work is). There are no minimum length requirements, but stories under 500 words have a reduced chance of being published.

Simultaneous Submissions

We’re realistic. Writers spend countless hours working on their stories, so asking them to submit a story to just one publication at a time seems truly unfair. Therefore, simultaneous submissions are encouraged. But please, do us the courtesy of withdrawing your story right away if it is accepted elsewhere.


We do not accept previously published material. However, stories that have only appeared on personal/social sites (like blogs) or password-protected sites (like writers’ workshops) will be considered.

Multiple Submissions

As long as you don’t bombard us, multiple submissions are acceptable. No more than 3 stories per submission. Please don’t submit anything else until you’ve heard back from us.

How to Submit

Submit all fiction to subs AT swampbiscuitsandtea DOT com. In the body of the e-mail, include a cover letter with your name, contact info, story title, word count and a brief 3rd person biography (around 50 words is a good length). Your bio can be serious and direct, listing off your education, employment and previous publications; or it can be totally absurd, listing your favorite snow cone flavors and, in your opinion, the most efficient designers of rocket-powered rhinocerosmobiles. However you want your readers to perceive you is fine by us. Also include a website in your bio if you’d like.


We prefer when stories are attached as a .doc file. However, we can handle other formats like .rtf, .txt, .docx, or if the story is pasted into the body of an e-mail. We don’t require standard manuscript format, but it certainly will guarantee that we’ll have no trouble reading your work. If your story has unusual formatting that is crucial to the story itself, you are welcome to send it along—we just can’t promise we’ll be able to use it.

You, As Editor

Please, if you want your submission taken seriously, proofread your work before submitting. Seriously. An occasional oversight is fine—expected even. But if you send us something with five glaring errors in the first paragraph alone, we’ll stop reading, sob bitterly, and send you a rejection letter as an expression of our angst.

Us, As Editors

By submitting your story to us, you understand that we have standards. That means that, upon acceptance, your story will be edited as necessary (because, let’s face it, no story is without its flaws). Don’t panic though. We understand that writers are very protective of their work, so we rarely ask for any major alterations (that only happens in the instance of a rewrite request). Other than basic grammatical and spelling issues, nothing will be changed without your permission. Otherwise, we will only recommend that you edit certain areas (e.g. sentence structure issues, word choice, etc.). How these areas are changed will be up to you. Our editing process requires the use of comment bubbles in Microsoft Word, so make sure you have access to Word before submitting to us. The full details of our process will be explained to you upon acceptance.

Response Time

You should expect to hear back from us within 3 months, usually much sooner. If more than 3 months have passed, feel free to send a query regarding the status of your submission.

Payment (Or Lack Thereof)

At this time, we can’t offer any payment to our accepted authors (but we’d love to change this policy as the publication grows).

Who Can Submit

We welcome unsolicited submissions from all sorts of writers, regardless of publication history, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, shape or species. While we will be thrilled to publish the work of someone from a non-English speaking country, we can only publish work that is written in English. So, if you write your best stories in a language other than English, we recommend that you find a reliable translator, then send us the English version of your story. Be sure to let us know if this is the case so we can acknowledge your translator (who should also include a short biography in your submission).


For each work we publish, we ask for First Electronic/First Serial Rights, which grants us the right to be the first to publish your story. Also, we ask for the exclusive rights to your story during the three-month period it is featured on our site (i.e. until the next issue comes out). After that period, we will archive your story here and you will be able to do with it as you like. Please note that if you ever want your story removed from our archives, that’s fine—just let us know. Note too that most publications will not publish work that has been previously published (whether in print, online, or wherever), so if your story is accepted by us, understand that, in the future, said story can only be marketed as a reprint, meaning there are a limited number of publications that will accept it, and the ones that do will likely not pay as much as they would otherwise. It is up to the author to understand and accept that by having his/her work featured on our site, he/she is giving up that story’s First Publishing Rights with no payment. If you are selected for the print anthology (which right now is only a possiblity), we’ll go over the details with you personally. Note that you will not be required to take part in the print issue if you don’t want to (like if you’ve had the story reprinted in a publication with strict exclusivity rights, for example). Also, we respectfully request that you mention Swamp Biscuits and Tea as the original publisher if your story is reprinted elsewhere. Copyright stays with the author, always. By submitting to us, the author is acknowledging that he/she understands and accepts these terms.

Ready to submit? Send to subs AT swampbiscuitsandtea DOT com.